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Self Evaluation

We as a company have performed market research and interviewed homeowners to find out what it is that they want to see in the technicians that show up to their home. We have compiled a list of attributes that are common among ALL the interviews and research. Applying technicians rate yourselves from a 1 to a 5. 1- being never, 2- being below average, 3- being average, 4- above average and 5- being always. We have also found that those who honestly score themselves higher on these items in the evaluation are more successful and happier in their profession. We as a company also use this evaluation as a tool to hold our technicians to a higher standard and help them to progress in their goals and aspirations.
Position applying for:*
Personal Hygiene: Is your appearance clean and well groomed?*
Timeliness: Are you on time and aware of your obligations?*
Paperwork: Can you give a proper diagnosis or report at the end of each job?*
Organization: Can you keep track of service fees paid and receipts for materials to turn in?*
Communication: Can you explain the diagnosis and repair process clearly to the customer?*
Communication: Can you stay calm and professional when faced with an upset/unhappy customer?*
Technical Skills: How proficient are you in your trade?*
Cleanliness: Do you clean up after yourself before you leave the job site?*
Respect: Do you attempt to protect items that possibly could be scratched/ damaged while working?*
Personality: Are you a people person? Do people generally like you?*
Attitude: Are you generally upbeat and smiling?*
Professionalism: Will you wear a uniform on the job (polo shirt with company logo)?*
Up-selling Qualities: Do you have the knowledge to offer prices and options to the customers?*
Technology: Can you proficiently use a smartphone, tablet/ i-pad/ laptop on the job?*
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