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Does Relieving Stress, Putting More Money In Your Pocket, Protecting and Prolonging Your Investment Property Sound Good To You?

What We Do!

Our goal is to use our years of experience to not only ensure quality property management, but also encourage and incentivize the tenant to take better care of the property and pay rent on time.  We have found that there are a lot of different types of properties with specific needs and property owners with individual personalities, who enjoy certain aspects of being a landlord, but find it hard, inconveinient or to stressful to be able to do it all.

We at Property Guardian have come up with the solution of allowing the property owners to customize their own maintenance and management plans to fit their needs. Some examples are:

  • Many landlords are too nice at heart and have a hard time collecting late fees when they receive the check in the mail 10 days late, thus giving up hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year, depending on how many properties are owned. Let us be the bad guy. We stick to the details specified in the contract and professionaly help and remind them of the terms they agreed to.
  • Some folks love to tinker. They don't want a maintenance company contacted for every minute problem that arrises, but love knowing that they have a reputable, licensed and insured contractor at their fingertips for the bigger projects they don't feel confident tackling on their own.
  • There is quite the spectrum of tenants. Some landlords want their properties filled as quickly as possible, not careing about backgrounds or referrences. While others want their tenants screened with a fine tooth comb. Referrences checked, criminal background, employment  verification, credit checked, etc. We will take care of both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

We Help You:
Collect Rent Online
With the use of our unique business model and rental contracts, payment gets directly deposited into your account for fast and easy processing. Using  our online program we also collect late fee's and professionally notify the tenants of how delinquint their accounts are. We also culture a relationship with the tenant that helps us train, nurture and incentivize them, the tenents, to pay on time and take better care of your investment. Yes,we also have access to legal professionals, at a discounted rate, to help in the dreaded eviction process when necessary. Unfortunately the costs for evictions are very random and are not included in any pricing.

Customize Maintenance Plans
We offer multiple types of maintenance plans to fit your personality and property's needs. They range from just the bear necesseties to a monthly visit including preventative inspections and maintenance.  We also help you keep a running total of any accumulative damage done while a tenant occupies the dwelling so there are no "surprises" as to how much the repairs are going to be when they move out. Most of our maintenance plans include a diagnostic service fee that is arranged to be collected from the tenant. Lowering your cost and incentvizing them to take bettter care of your property. Upon our thorough diagnostic, if it is determined that the cause of the maintenance was due to negligence, malicious intent or any other influence by the tenant, the cost will be passed on to them at a discounted rate. If  the issue was normal wear and tear, you the landlord will be notified with up front pricing, at a discounted rate,  to be authorized before any work will commence. See more details on each individual plan on the Products/ Pricing page.

Advertise for Tenants
When you need to get the word out, we use only the most effective advertising venues to find renters in each local area. We properly screen, check references, credit scores and backgrounds to ensure we are putting the type of tenants you want in your property.

This way, we relieve stress for tenant and landlord alike, customizing our plans to your individual needs. Register today to find out how you can save up to 15%, or more, on your current property management costs.