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Welcome to Property Guardian, where “Valuable Property Management” merges with the right Maintenance Company.

Property Guardian is considered a preferred vendor for 6 home warranty companies. These warranty companies have chosen us for three specific reasons:

1. Fair pricing. Warranty companies are in business to make money and can not afford paying companies that gouge and over price the same parts and services that Property Guardian can do at a lower flat rate or at a discount.

2. Customer Service. Our extensive marketing research has established what home owners truly desire from a home service company and the technicians that show up to their home. Property Guardian has taken this information and designed an exclusive, customized training program focusing on the homeowners needs. This gets us great reviews with the warranty companies and they love being represented positively and professionally.

3. Our Motto: “Do It Right The First Time.” means we complete a very high percentage of our projects right the first time. Yes, sometimes projects require reconciliation or fixing in stages, but our experienced specialized technicians are able to trouble shoot  and diagnose it properly to complete the job as timely and efficiently as possible. Our motto has made a real impact on home owners and keeps our scores high with the warranty companies.

Our specialized technicians are put through a rigorous “Customer Satisfaction” training involving the information gathered from our market research. They must also pass a 3rd party criminal background check and are randomly drug tested. We comprehend the sacredness and sanctuary that the home can provide and feel it is our responsibility to preserve, not defile that sense of trust with homeowners. We encourage the homeowners to “Rate Their Technician” on our website. Go to the “Contact Us” tab, scroll down to the “Rate Your Tech” tab, and answer the questions confidently knowing your input will effect the growth and development of our technicians and company. New situations arise and things  change constantly, there is always room for improvement and we openly invite your suggestions and comments.

Property Guardian now provides a Handyman in Salt Lake City, Utah County, Park City, and Tooele areas.