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The Property Management Salt Lake City and Utah County can count on!
 Property Management

Property Guardian is a full service property management company with the expertise and reliability to assist in every aspect of the management of your investment property.

From locating and screening dependable and responsible tenants to properly maintaining and repairing the structure and appliances, Property Guardian has everything it takes to make your life a little easier.

Our on-staff technicians and appliance professionals are knowledgeable and trustworthy. They get the job done the first time out, and because they’re part of the Property Guardian team we don't have to use a middleman. That saves you both time and money.

We offer incentives that reward the tenant to take better care of your investment property and pay on time. We take the positive approach to keep tenants for the long term. That puts more money into your pocket and keeps your property occupied longer.

Our prices are competetive and we have multiple maintenance plans and options so we can guarantee to meet your property management needs. We encourage you to look through our services for more details and pricing.
 Repair & Maintenance

Did you ever wish there was one company you could call, no matter what’s broken down in your home? A company you could count on to do the job right the first time, with knowledgable and courteous technicians that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg? Property Guardian is that company.

Unlike most repair and service providers who are only trained in one specific trade, Property Guardian has in-house experts in multiple areas of household maintenance and repair.

No more searching through the phone book, trying to guess how reliable a company is by the name or the size of its ad. Instead, one phone number guarantees you’ll get fast and dependable service every time, no matter what the problem.

Property Guardian also offers its own monthly service plans for those seasonal services that protect your home both inside and out.

Look through our services and pricing and find out why more homeowners rely on only one service provider, Property Guardian.